InTrend - Digital Heartbeat Podcast Series

InTrend is a podcast that was created with you in mind. We want to cover trending insurance topics that people are talking about across many industries.

Digital Heartbeat is an eight-episode cybersecurity podcast with guests including leadership from USLI’s Information Technology and Cyber Practice Teams. Join us as we dive into the world of hackers, phishing, security mishaps and everything cyber!

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Episode 1 - Google Me

Let’s start at the beginning! Cybersecurity really starts with your online presence. How do you appear online? What about your business? If you’re not sure, it might be a good time to Google yourself and your company. We need to take ownership of our online presence and maintain it to prevent cybersecurity concerns from occurring in the first place.

Episode 2 - Ant Army

Are you building an “ant army” at work? You should be increasing cybersecurity awareness at the workplace so your employees are prepared to fight against cyber intruders. Many employees have the mindset of “our IT department will take care of external threats.” The truth? It takes an army.

Episode 3 - Prepping for Doomsday Part 1

Are you a planner? A continuity plan is critical for the operation of any business in the event of inclement weather, building construction or a security breach. As business professionals, we should be meeting with all departments to understand the important functions of their jobs so that the show can go on in the event of a disaster.

Episode 4 - Prepping for Doomsday Part 2

In this episode, we answer the question, “What is an incident response plan?” Whether it’s a rogue employee, a hacker or stolen laptop, a security breach can occur in many ways. From forensics and legal to data mining and public relations, businesses need to think about the tools and resources they need to correct any wrongs that occur.

Episode 5 - The Claims Crypt

Our experts take a deep dive into some of the horror stories they’ve heard when it comes to breaches. Some incidents they discuss include a restaurant that suffered a $15,000 cyber claim due to fraudulent transactions from malware installed on the point of sale system and a nonprofit that suffered a $38,000 cyber claim due to social security numbers being posted online.

Episode 6 - The Take Over

What is social engineering? How could it affect your business? Today, hackers are in the business of trickery. Ever have a strange delivery person show up? Ever receive an email saying you won the lottery? Employees can be exposed to phishing, impersonators, hackers and more every single day. We need to be prepared to handle these threats.

Episode 7 - Internal Security

Sometimes employees can be negligent, and sometimes they can be malicious. Careless employees might click on a spam link, let a stranger in the building or lose their laptop that has confidential information. Malicious employees can do these same things just with a different intent. Either way, education is key in the world of cybersecurity. Not only do we need to make our employees aware of the impact of their actions, but we also need to train them to look out for any obscure behavior within the company.

Episode 8 - Top 10 Tips

Tune in as our cybersecurity experts tell us what our top 10 takeaways should be from the Digital Heartbeat podcast series.

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