The Importance of Quick-release Security Bars on Egress Windows

Two windows with neighbors looking out.

While security bars on egress windows can provide an added layer of security, they become a liability if they prevent individuals from being able to quickly and easily exit a building in the event of an emergency. To avoid this, security bars on egress windows at your property should feature an internal quick-release mechanism.

Why Is the Quick-release Mechanism so Important?


In an emergency, every second counts. The quick-release mechanism allows those on your property (residents, patrons, customers, etc.) to quickly open and exit through an egress window if the main exit is blocked or unavailable. These mechanisms open with minimal effort — no key or special tool required — saving occupants valuable time in critical situations.

Additionally, quick-release security bars protect your building from outside exposures. Bars are not only a visible deterrent but also an effective tool for preventing unauthorized entry by trespassers.

There are various quick-release mechanisms. The two examples below are the ones we see most frequently.

Example 1:quick-release security bars for windows

Example 2:

quick-release security bars for windows

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