In today’s ever-changing workforce landscape, having access to reliable and up-to-date human resources information is crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of any business. Below are a variety of discounted services, online trainings and tools to set you up for success.



HR Helpline

Available to U.S. businesses only at this time
Do you have a specific question on how best to address a human resource situation?

Call 1-877-655-3566 and press 1 to receive a free human resources (HR) consultation, representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. ET. Please have your USLI policy number available for easy registration.

This helpline can be used for personnel issues including but not limited to:

  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Corrective discipline and termination
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Wage and hour regulations
  • Advice on disability or accidents in the workplace

HR and Payroll Management System

Discounted Service

Spend less time focused on day-to-day tasks and more time managing the strategic aspects of human resources and the finances of payroll. Primepoint’s enterprise payroll and HR management system is a modular set of tools designed around a single-source database, which means you get one integrated and customizable solution that saves time and provides business intelligence to manage your business more effectively.

Receive a 10-25% discount when you are a policyholder for USLI.

Employee Workplace Assessment

Discounted Service

The Caliper Profile is an in-depth assessment to help employers make informed hiring decisions based on objective information. You’ll be offered a report with the candidate’s natural strengths and developmental opportunities relative to your specific job and role requirements. Included are candidate-specific behavioral interview questions and onboarding recommendations to support you in further exploring and enhancing a candidate’s potential for success.

Receive a 28% discount off of standard pricing.

Online Training

Online Sexual Harassment Training

Traliant delivers immersive learning experiences to help encourage ethical decision making, drive behavioral changes, mitigate risk and embed compliance into the culture of an organization.

Use code USLI 10 at checkout to save 10%.
Why Choose Traliant
  • Compliance across all states: The courses are meticulously designed to comply with the laws of each state, including CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, NYC, and WA. Rest assured that you are meeting all legal requirements!
  • Engaging and interactive: Say goodbye to boring training sessions! These courses captivate your employees with interactive modules, bite-size episodes, and real-life scenarios that foster understanding and promote positive behavior.
  • Trusted by thousands: Join over 8,000 organizations across industries and geographies that rely on Traliant’s solutions.

Recruiting and Interviewing Training

Free Online Course

Knowing how to effectively recruit and interview candidates can be overwhelming. This class will discuss how to read and evaluate resumes, get the most out of telephone screenings, conduct a positive interview, ask behavior-based questions and evaluate all of the facts.

Tools and Resources

HR Resource Library

Discounted Resource

PeopleSystems also provides a library of documents including sample handbook policies and a HR administrator’s manual that can help mitigate your chances of receiving employment claims.

Information, forms and articles to assist you with these topics:

  • Gain advice on how best to address any HR situation
  • Access a library of industry trainings, newsletters, and HR recommendations
  • Access a New Hire Service Pack reference guide to assist you when bringing new employees into your organization
Understanding Sexual Harassment Requirements — All 50 States

Understanding Sexual Harassment Requirements — All 50 States

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2023 | 3:30-4 P.M. ET 
Are you confident that your sexual harassment policy and training are compliant with the nuances of numerous state and local laws, many of which have changed recently? Do you display posters and provide written notices to your employees on harassment and discrimination topics, as required in certain jurisdictions? Join us for a webinar led by former United States Department of Justice attorney and Traliant’s Chief Strategy Officer Michael Johnson.Audience: Those who operate a salon or space or insurance agents who sell to these individuals

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Sample Sub-Contract Agreement

Sample Sub-Contract Agreement

If you’re a small business owner who subcontracts work out to others, it’s important to implement a legally binding contract to protect yourself from any risk derived from the work of your subcontractors. Use this sample contract, specific to the...

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Pre-termination Checklist

Pre-termination Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide when seeking a preliminary legal opinion from your own counsel before terminating an employee. This should aid your counsel in evaluating whether the proposed termination creates potential legal exposure and the need for additional legal...

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Best Practices for Employee and Volunteer Screenings

Best Practices for Employee and Volunteer Screenings

Nonprofits depend on employees and volunteers to keep their operations running smoothly. However, new employees can put the physical and emotional safety of your current staff, the populations you serve, and your organization’s reputation and productivity at risk....

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