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On Demand Classes

Professional Development

The key to success in business is professionalism. Managing time, handling difficult conversations and presenting yourself with confidence are just a few of the skills you’ll learn in this coursework. Whether you’re an experienced business person or new to your job, here are some of the topics reinforcing the fundamentals that will help build your professional image.

Leadership Skills

Being in a leadership role can be a real challenge. Understanding your own style of leadership, addressing issues in an effective way and developing solid relationships with those on your team form the foundation of effective leadership. Here are a few courses that will help develop you as a leader.

Sales Skills

Finding the time and resources to train salespeople is one of the biggest challenges a small business owner faces. Being successful in sales requires a few key skills. Whether you are selling face to face, over the phone or using virtual meeting tools, our sales development courses will ensure you and your team create a great first impression, run effective meetings and know how to apply the fundamentals necessary to be a great salesperson.

Insurance Coverages

Understanding the protections provided in your insurance policy is essential to assure you and your business have adequate coverage. Please access these tools to help you understand your insurance contract as well as the key exposures and coverage offered within most property, general liability and professional lines policies. Classes include:

  • Reading Your Insurance Policy
  • Coverage Line Overviews

Training and Certifications

Recruiting and Interviewing Training Course

Knowing how to effectively recruit and interview candidates can be overwhelming. Learn how to read and evaluate resumes, get the most out of telephone screenings, conduct a positive interview, ask behavior-based questions and evaluate all of the facts.

Concussion Training Course

The CDC offers free online role-specific videos to coaches, parents and others who want to learn more about concussion awareness.

Discounted Liquor Safety Training Certification

For only $11 per servicer, offers your staff training in the resposible sale and service of alchohol. The Alcohol Seller Server Certification last for three years.

Discounted StateFoodSafety Certifcate for Food Handlers and Food Managers

Get your food handlers and food managers certified with StateFoodSafety. All training takes place online, StateFoodSafety is approved by more health departments than any other food safety training program.

Discounted CPR and First Aid Training Certification

It’s important to respond to the scene of a cardiac arrest or another injury with immediate trained action to increase the likelihood of a victim’s survival. ProTrainings offers online CPR and first aid training and certification at a 20% discounted rate.

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Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Traliant delivers immersive learning experiences to help encourage ethical decision making, drive behavioral changes, mitigate risk and embed compliance into the culture of an organization.

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Recorded Webinars and Virtual Events

Loss Control Webinars

Members of our panel counsel facilitate these sessions to provide educational opportunities and highlight trends in various industries.  Our mission is to identify exposures that pose potential risks to you as the policyholder and provide resources to help improve the condition of those exposures to prevent and mitigate losses.

USLI Techtalk Cybersecurity background.

Small businesses are often targeted because it’s easier for a hacker to compromise their systems due to lower network computer security budgets, lack of employee training and awareness, or reliance upon third party systems and software. Don’t become a target! Learn how to protect yourself and your business from future cyberattacks.