Keeping Your Community Association Safe

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Slips, Trips, and Falls

  • Are there any cracked and/or uneven areas in the parking lots and walkways?
    • Cracks that are ¼ inch or greater, or elevation changes greater than 1 inch, should be fixed immediately
  • Are handrails and stairways in good condition?
    • Inspect for any visible damage, such as wear and tear on stair treads or loose/deteriorating handrails
  • Is there sufficient exterior lighting, including in all common areas, and are all lights in working order?
  • Do you have enough deicing agent stored for use on exterior stairs, walkways, sidewalks and parking lots during ice and snow events

Water and Building Damage

  • Do you see any deteriorated areas, developing cracks or bulges in the building’s structure?
  • Are there any cracks or separation near the building’s doors and windows?
  • Is there any standing water in/near the building or on the rooftop?
  • Is there any indication of a water leak, such as discoloration on the walls, texture changes or signs of mold/mildew?
  • Do you have the plumbing and roof inspected at least every two years and repaired as necessary?

Pool Area

  • Is the pool completely fenced in compliance with local code and equipped with a self-latching device?
  • Do you have life-saving equipment in place?
  • Are there procedures in place to ensure only residents and their accompanied guests have access to the pool area?


  • Are there any overgrown/dying trees or vegetation that need to be trimmed or removed?
  • Are common areas (e.g., fitness centers, clubhouses, sport courts) well maintained?
  • Do all indoor common areas have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers?


  • Is a log kept of all resident complaints and work requests, including what the outcome was of the complaint?
    • Are there any outstanding complaints or work requests that have not been addressed?
  • Is a record kept of regular (e.g., weekly, monthly) reviews made by board members and/or the property management company?
  • Records of repairs and maintenance should include what was done, the amount paid, who performed the work, and certificates of insurance for the contractors hired

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