April 19, 2023

Safety Tips for Specialty Educators, Trainers and Instructors

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As an educator, trainer or instructor, your main focus is on enhancing the skills and abilities of others. While you want to avoid injuries at all costs, you may not have time to consider every situation that could lead to an accident. By implementing the following measures, you can reduce the likelihood of an incident that could put you, your business and your clients at risk.

Policies and Procedures

  • Provide clear rules and safety guidelines for participants, including clothing requirements (e.g., close-toed shoes for cooking classes)
  • Require all clients to complete a waiver for participation in activities, including personal training, group exercise classes and recreational sports, prior to joining
  • Have adequate safety personnel on staff at all times, even for adult-only schools
  • Familiarize all new staff members with the layout of the facility, clearly indicating any exits and emergency procedures

Staff Checks and Clearances

  • Ensure all staff members have appropriate clearances and certifications in place
  • Consider training and certifying staff in CPR/AED
  • Have a code of conduct/sexual abuse policy in place
  • Conduct adequate background checks for new staff members, including:
    • Internet and social media checks
    • Reference checks
    • Local/National criminal background checks
    • Department of motor vehicles record check (if the staff member will be driving during work)
    • Review multiple forms of identification
    • Drug and alcohol testing

Classroom and Equipment Safety

  • Demo equipment prior to client usage
  • Use commercial-grade equipment and props (no homemade items)
  • Have all commercial equipment serviced by a licensed professional
  • Conduct daily equipment safety checks
  • Store items in a safe manner, using locks when necessary
  • Ensure any floor areas susceptible to getting wet have nonslip mats
  • Install door finger guards/pinch shields to reduce risk of injury to children
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