Loss Control Webinar

Protect Your House of Worship

Do you operate a house of worship, or do you sell insurance to those who do? Understanding risk management as it pertains to churches, synagogues, mosques and other establishments is critical. Join us for a two-part* discussion with guest speaker Dick Kasson from GCAK Law.

Part 1: Property

Major property concerns, including preventing freezing/bursting pipes, roof damage and fire hazards. We also review real-life claims and best practices to put in place to avoid possible claims.

Part 2: General Liability

Developing and implementing plans and procedures to ensure the safety and security of a congregation, staff and facility, understanding negligent security and handling homeless encampments. We share claims examples and loss control measures you can implement to mitigate risk.

Guest Speaker – Richard Kasson

Partner, Gonzalez Chiscano Angulo & Kasson, PC

Over the last 20 years of his law practice, Mr. Kasson has handled cases focused in the areas of medical, insurance defense litigation (first party and third party), products liability, premises liability, deceptive trade practice (DTPA claims), federal and state securities claims, employment discrimination and other types of civil litigation. He has extensive experience as a trial attorney throughout South Central Texas and is currently handling cases throughout the State of Texas, including Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, McAllen and other parts of the state.

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