September 28, 2023

Best Practices for Food Vendor Safety

Food vendors

Food trucks, trailers and stands have become an increasingly popular way to cater to the growing public demand for delicious food, whenever and wherever. While these mobile options may be less costly and more versatile than a traditional restaurant, they are still vulnerable to hazardous exposures that can lead to costly claims. By following the tips listed below, you can better ensure the safety of your food truck or concession stand.

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Practicing Food Safety

  • Require all employees to wash their hands thoroughly before handling or preparing food
  • Clean and sanitize cooking surfaces, utensils and equipment regularly to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses
  • Ensure perishable foods are sealed and stored at the proper temperature
  • Wash cutting boards and counter surfaces after handling raw food
  • Use a thermometer to ensure food is cooked through to the appropriate temperature
  • Have adequate pest control measures in place

Preventing a Trip and Fall Hazard

  • Check walking areas frequented by patrons outside of your truck, trailer or stand to identify any tripping hazards or obstacles, and address any issues promptly
  • Ensure power cords and generators are properly secured and placed in areas away from patrons
  • Make sure the vendor area is free of obstacles such as food spillage, dropped utensils and other cooking equipment
  • Install nonslip floor mats in food preparation areas, and have workers wear closed-toe, slip-resistant shoes

Maintaining Exterior Safety

  • Firmly secure and put away all equipment kept in exterior areas, such as canopies, tents and signs, prior to any inclement weather (e.g., high wind conditions)
  • Securely install all awnings attached to the food truck or stand to reduce the likelihood of them blowing away and damaging nearby property or injuring passersby
  • Cleaning path by food truckMake sure the serving window is properly installed with no sharp edges

Preventing Burns and Fires

  • Store flammable liquids in tightly sealed containers as far away from heat and flame sources as possible; store paper products away from heat and cooking sources
  • Never leave hot oil unattended
  • Always use potholders or over mitts when handling hot items
  • Never place tin foil or metal containers/utensils in the microwave
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